Absolutely Free Timber Inspection & Evaluation

Mott & Shay, PLLC will provide you with a free (no obligation) inspection of your forest and a "ballpark" estimate of your timber, regardless of the acreage. A written report along with a detailed map will be mailed to you after the inspection, and we will follow that up with a personal phone call to discuss the report and to answer your questions. This free inspection will include, but not be
limited to the following:

1) Timber types, sizes, and ages, along with associated acreage and growth information.

2) Information regarding insects and/or diseases affecting the trees.

3) Boundary lines locations and conditions.

4) A "ballpark" estimate of the timber value.

5) Management recommendations based on our findings and your objectives.

6) A list of services provided by Mott & Shay, PLLC as they pertain to each recommendation and our fees associated with such recommendations.

7) A map showing the various timber types, fields, paths, creeks and streams, boundary line markings, and other pertinent information such as location of forest pests (bark beetles, beavers, etc.).

8) Contracts for each recommendation will also be included.

This information gathering is an important first step in helping you to understand the condition and value of your forest. It is a great tool that helps you to determine what can and should be done to meet your forest management objectives, whether it be a forest thinning, a selective harvest, a clear-cut and reforestation, some other form of forest management, or just "let it grow." Mott & Shay, PLLC Consulting Forestry will generally have this information to you within 30 days of our initial contact with you.

Free / No Obligation Inspections